Benefits of a Daily Yoga Practice


Hello LPS Yogis! With our 30-Day Challenge approaching, I give to you a personal reflection of the transformative power of daily yoga. First, doing yoga every day just makes everything more AWESOME. It makes my body feel AMAZING, my head feel clearer, my soul feel nourished and my mind feel less scattered.

My daily practice happens in the morning, before my three and a half year old rises. Because of this morning practice, I am more comfortable in all that I do throughout the day… as I sit, stand, pick up things (like my toddler), carry things (like my pregnant belly!), run, walk, drive, breath, eat, write, pray, read, interact with humans and sleep.

Let me backtrack just a bit…. I first did yoga when I was 18 years old, but it wasn’t until 2009 when I began a daily practice. And that’s when my true journey began. 

A daily yoga practice has become like food and water for me. I cannot live without it. No, it has not made life (or me!) perfect, and I’m betting it will not make your life (or you!) perfect. After all, perfect is boring, right!? But a daily yoga practice might enhance and deepen who you are. It might lead to self-discovery and self-love and acceptance of others and the world. It might give you effective stress management and relationship skills or release the tightness in your always-stiff back.


For me, daily yoga brings…

  • balance and confidence to running and racing, kayaking, rock climbing and mountain biking (when I’m not pregnant!)

  • ease, comfort, fearlessness, love, trust and peace to pregnancy and birth (currently expecting my 2nd child!)

  • attentiveness and compassion to mothering

  • understanding, love and joy to being a wife

  • creativity and passion to instructing yoga

  • clarity and self-knowing to the mind

  • strength and flexibility to the body

  • connection to the spirit

  • oneness with the soul

  • intention for life

What yoga style is best & when:

   Power yoga, Ashtanga and vinyasa-based classes (whether it’s in a heated room or not) make me feel empowered and humbled, playful and focused, purified and rejuvenated.

   Slow flow cultivates mindfulness, self-awareness and strength within stillness.

   Yin and restorative practices quiet and soften while peeling away layers of unwanted tension and emotion with the result of deep renewal.     

Now, for some, “challenge” can sound daunting, impossible, and too difficult in a world that might present too many daily challenges as it is. Thus, I invite you to come into our 30-Day Challenge with a different view. Call it what you want!  Perhaps it’s your 30-Day Refresher, 30-Day Empowerment Practice, 30 Days of Self-Love… the options are limitless! And so are the benefits of a daily yoga practice.

Allow your daily practice to become what you need. Allow it to change with your moods, schedule, energy level, or even the phase of the Moon (check out our monthly Full Moon Flow!).

Before coming to my mat each morning, I do a daily check-in: what is it that I need today? Do I need to strengthen my heart? Do I need to lie upon a bolster with intention? Do I want to learn something new? Do I need yoga that is gentle or strong, slow or fast, something in between, or a little bit of both?

At, LPS Strength & Meditation, we have something to fit everyone’s needs. We would love you to join us as we embark upon our 30-Day Challenge, and as you begin your life-long journey of a daily yoga practice.

With love from your fellow yogi,

Brynn Cunningham ☺