Why girls need yoga?


Everyday I go to work, as high school teacher, I witness a sea of emotions among my teenagers who struggle to figure out who they are and what they want.  The girls in particular are the ones who are influenced the most by their peers.  Bullying occurs on a daily basis, whether or not I physically see it, it’s happening through social media.  Most students by the age of 10, sometimes younger, have a cell phone.  They post ‘selfies’ to various social media accounts on a regular basis, which leaves them subject to scrutiny by their peers or even worse, sexual predators.  They also don’t realize what they post can be damaging to them later in life. 

I also find that girls are extremely mean to each other.  I rarely hear girls exchanging compliments or helping each other out.  Some are very isolated because of how they look or dress.  They are trying to fit in. They seek attention from boys.  They are self-conscious about their bodies, leading to eating disorders and poor diet choices.  They even suffer from anxiety and depression, which in turn affects their academic motivation.  I also see parents struggling with their children to find some common ground.


For these reasons, we must empower our girls at adolescence. My yoga program "Girl Power" yoga is designed for girls ages 11-15. This is a positive outlet for girls to express their emotions through journaling and sharing their feelings with other teens experiencing the same problems. We will practice yoga and meditation not only to ease anxieties, but also to gain mental and physical strength.  Last but not least, along this journey they will learn kindness and compassion for themselves and others. We must teach them to build each other up, be true to themselves and be the change they want to see in the world!

Jenny Dayton

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