A Yogi's Love for the Barre

By Tara Morris, RYT-200 & Barre Above certified instructor

For the past eight years, I have been on a mission to live a pain-free, active life after sustaining multiple low back, sports-related injuries. Yoga offered an element of strength and flexibility and the mindfulness to overcome the anxiety and depression associated with the struggle to heal.

Yet, I continued to seek out traditional strength training programs to complement my yoga practice. I went to physical therapy. I researched. I began Jillian Michaels programs. I spent time at the gym. I started the Hammer and Chisel workouts.  All of these avenues revealed what was and was not working for my body, but I struggled with establishing an effective workout program catered to my body’s needs.


In 2015, I discovered barre and was instantly hooked. Barre drew me in because of its combination of lengthening, strengthening, cardio, core work and fluid dance-like movements.  It is low impact yet challenging and complements yoga well. It was the missing piece I had been desperately seeking to feel strong and pain-free. 

When we brought Danielle Crum, RYT-200 and Barre Xtend certified instructor on board to teach Yoga Barre Fusion at LPS, I was ecstatic!  I was even more ecstatic to be given the opportunity to teach in preparation for Danielle’s move back to her home in North Carolina at summer’s end.  Once I knew I would be teaching, I began heavy research.

“Being a yoga and barre instructor is advantageous to not only me but to LPS and our students,” I thought. I was eager to share this passion with our students, whom I often encourage to seek out ways to strengthen in addition to yoga.

Upon arrival to the University of Maryland on Saturday, September 30 for the Barre Above training, I was excited yet anxious, nervous yet optimistic.


Within the first hour of Carolyn Erickson, the master instructor, speaking, I knew I chose the right program. Carolyn is the president and CEO of CE Fitness Cosnulting, LLC, and a 32-year fitness industry expert. She is a master trainer of Barre Above, Tabata Bootcamp, Jillian Michaels’ BODYSHRED and GOFLO Trainer. She was enthusiastic, down to earth, REAL and experienced.

“Barre Above does not tell you how to teach. We want you to be creative. You will have all the tools you need to teach an effective and safe barre class when you leave,” Carolyn stated.  I was relieved. That is exactly how my yoga teacher training at Yoga Flow Pittsburgh was. No rigidity. I live to be creative!  

The day was fun, physically demanding (I'm still limping and SORE!), informative, casual...everything I was hoping it would be. Eleven women of diverse backgrounds formed our group, whom I loved! Carolyn taught a 70-minute master class to demonstrate what a Barre Above workout was like. I was bursting with joy because it was the most fun, well-rounded barre workout I had ever done, and I could not wait to share it with our community. When it comes down to it, I thrive on helping others find their strength and balance. 


All in all, Carolyn and Barre Above provided the inspiration and motivation I was seeking. As fitness and yoga teachers, our passion and expertise only grow by continuing education and connecting with strong forces in the industry. Mission accomplished. 

Join me! You'll see results, feel energized and experience a killer workout. Sign up online or arrive early - classes fill up quickly. See you at the BARRE! ;)

4:45-5:45 p.m. Thursdays: Yoga Barre Fusion

5-6:15 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 15: Yoga Cardio Barre

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