Voices from the Mat: Interview with Shane King, 30 Day Challenge Participant


I started on this 30 day yoga challenge in hopes of getting a little tone and to get back into exercising, maybe do something for myself for at least 30 minutes a day (being a wife and mommy with a 3 and 1 year old at home, while being a full time teacher, you are hardly able to think of yourself). Although I have practiced yoga for many years, at home with DVD's and since LPS has opened more than 2 years ago, this 30 day challenge has transformed my yoga journey with inspiration, self respect, strength of mind and body, patience, energy and love. 

Along my journey I discovered practicing yoga is not a competition with the person next to you, it is a challenge within yourself. I learned Practicing yoga IS the breath! If you get into no other pose than mountain and you breathe, you are doing all that is required of you. I learned that each day is different and each pose is different and each side of each pose is different, and it is okay to be different. One day you may be able to challenge yourself to come into crow pose and one day you may be satisfying your practice with child's pose. I learned that it's not if, but when you fall and all you can do is smile when you do and get back up. 

On my journey I also discovered many new friends, I may not know all of their names, but I learned bits and pieces of their life and which spot they liked to practice in most. I found an inner connection with each one as we shared our vibes on the same path. My fellow yogis will pick you up when you fall and cheer you on with every accomplishment you make.

On my journey I've gotten to bond with my instructors, sharing music interests (Lovin in my baby's eyes is now on my daily playlist) and future life plans of trail runs and baby talk. My instructors create a true inner bond as they connect with each yogi student allowing their instructions to communicate with us personally as if we are the only one in the room they are guiding. Making one comment that speaks to you even though your name wasn't called out specifically. 

Most importantly, I have learned that I am perfectly imperfect! The imperfections in my practice are what keep me coming back for more, for growth and challenge. I am now able to bring what I learn in my yoga practice into my everyday life, accepting what is and stopping myself from seeking perfection, loving the imperfections life, and yoga have to offer. 

With Love,  Shane :)

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