Get To Know Your Yoga Instructor: Laura Scoville


Name:  Laura Scoville

Age: 33

Where you received your yoga teacher training and when:

200-hour RYT at Moonglow Yoga Studio in Greensburg in 2015 and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist at The Himalayan Institute in Pittsburg in 2016.

Number of years teaching yoga:

2.5 years

Types of yoga classes that you teach at LPS and elsewhere:

Yin Yoga and Hot Power Yoga at LPS. Breathing Exercises (Pranayamas), Walk and Yoga, Afternoon Unwind and Garden Meditation at Nemacolin Woodland’s Holistic Healing Center.

Other occupation:

Mother, Gardener and Guest Services at Nemacolin Woodland’s Holistic Healing Center.

Favorite yoga pose(s):

Any Warrior variation and balancing poses.

Yoga mat(s) that you use:

 Manduka Pro

Who was/is your most influential instructor?

Wade Zinter

What is your dream yoga vacation/retreat/intensive?

I would love to continue my Ayurveda studies in India, the Mother Land!

Describe the first yoga class that you ever took.

The first yoga class I took was at the YMCA in Uniontown. I was 18 years old. My unique, vegetarian (the only one I knew at the time), artist friend, Dominique, asked me to join her. Growing up in Ohiopyle, I was always an active person. At this time I was just beginning my career as a river guide, so I had to be in good physical shape. Dominique assured me that yoga would be a workout. Boy, was she right! I remember how badly my wrists hurt and how inflexible I was. I wasn’t even close to touching my toes, but I quickly realized that I needed this thing called yoga and that it would help me in more ways than just becoming stronger.

Describe the first yoga class that you ever taught.

I had just finished my yoga teacher training, still wasn’t sure what direction to go with it and was feeling slightly overwhelmed. One day, while working the front desk at The Holistic Healing Center, two guests walk in. They say to me, “We have a private yoga session scheduled today,” and I reply back, “I’m sorry, our reservation system is not showing that.”

Immediately, my supervisor says to the ladies, “Laura here is a yoga instructor and would be happy to accommodate you.” I was pretty much thrown into my first class without even being able to prepare! With only 10 minutes to get myself and the class together, I became super stressed and began sweating!!!! LOL! The two women shared with me that they had a regular Power Yoga practice, so I just did what I was trained to do and led them through a 60-minute Power Yoga class. Luckily, I had been practicing with Wade in Ohiopyle for a decade. That gave me a solid foundation from which to teach. The ladies loved the class, and I felt relieved when it was over!

Why did you become a yoga instructor?

I decided to become a yoga instructor after I had made the very difficult decision to leave my family business of whitewater rafting and tourism in Ohiopyle. After practicing yoga for more than 10 years with Wade in Ohiopyle I had realized that I was not following my true path with the family business and that it was becoming very unhealthy for me. I had just had my son Henry and realized that if I didn’t take care of myself then, how would I be able to care for Henry later? I wanted to have all the tools I could to help take care of myself and my family. I knew yoga could give me the tools I needed. Yoga had done so many wonderful things for me and had helped shape me into the person I am today and helped me find the most amazing community of friends. I owed so much to my yoga community and Wade for helping me realize my true self. I knew that I wanted to share the benefits I get out of yoga with others and I knew that there was always more to learn on this yoga journey and self-discovery, so that‘s why I decided to take the first step with my yoga training.

What do you love the most about teaching?

I love that I have the honored opportunity to help make people feel better and help them be more accepting of themselves and others.


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