We asked LPS yoga instructor Tara Morris to share with us her current favorite Savasana songs. Enjoy her story below, and have fun downloading the songs for yourself! 

Music and yoga...

are both an escape for the mind,

provide a soft rhythm for the mind to latch onto in order to wash away its ever-constant chatter,

feed my heart,

awaken my soul

and calm my mind. 

Music gives us a rhythm for the body to move. 

Yoga, to me, is like a dance. Whether it's slow or fast, we move to the rhythm of our breath. Adding music to this breath and body connection takes it to another level. It lights me up and calms me down all at once!  

Playlists are a bit of an obsession when planning my classes.  The beat, the voice and the instrumental component all matter when composing a perfect playlist. Placing the songs in just the precise order so that they flow seamlessly together, just like a well-composed Vinyasa flow practice, is of utmost importance. 

As an instructor, music allows me to provide an escape for students.  As a student, music allows me to connect on a personal level with the instructor.  I cherish this creative connection! And when I fall in love with a playlist or a song, it makes my whole day!  Even more, hearing new playlists and discovering new songs brings me great joy.

Who doesn't love a car ride with great music?!  Yoga without music, like driving without music, allows too much space for ceaseless chatter to take over my mind.  Most of our lives become hectic at times – when this happens to me, music becomes even more of a priority. Belting out a tune in the car changes my whole perspective amidst the busy-ness and hustle bustle of life! Music adds a similarly fresh perspective to a yoga class. 

The final pose practiced in yoga class, Savasana, also known as final relaxation or corpse pose, is a perfect chance to allow music to take your mind to a peaceful place.  

These are my current top 10 favorite songs to play for students as they savor the stillness of Savasana:

   1."Gate Gate (The Rishi Earthmother Remix)” by Deva Premal
  2. “I” by Benn Jordan
  3. “Angel’s Prayer” by Ty Burhoe, James Hoskins, Cat McCarthy, Manorama, John Friend and Amy Ippoliti
  4. “By Your Grace/Jai Gurudev” by Krishna Das
  5. “Moon Magic” by Steven McNamara
  6. “Presence” by Ty Burhoe, Bill Douglas and Amy Ippoliti
  7. “My God is Real” by Baird Hersey & Prana with Krishna Das
  8. “Imagine” by John Lennon
  9. “I Don't Want to Change You” by Damien Rice
  10. “Mystery Angel” by Xavier Rudd

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