LPS Yogi Moms Share How Yoga Influences Them & Their Children


Yoga offers countless tools for mothering, an all-consuming affair. Motherhood, at it’s finest, embodies characteristics that are sometimes opposing in force. In these lies the beauty of motherhood. It is the most rewarding, exhausting, satisfying, maddening, glorious, challenging, selfless, creative, enduring, beautiful, blissful, enrapturing, overwhelming, adventurous, busy, complex vocation a woman can experience. It is life altering and lasts a lifetime once in begins.

 Brynn Cunningham with her bundles of joy, Avie and Grey! 

Brynn Cunningham with her bundles of joy, Avie and Grey! 

For this reason, capitalizing upon yoga as a mother holds many benefits. We can use the mindfulness and awareness that breath/body synchronicity teaches to be more “in the moment” with our children. We can use asana to get our pre-baby bodies back and to become empowered and strong female role models. We can use meditation to help manage our response to our children’s emotions and moods. The benefits are endless!

In this blog, I connected with the fellow LPS yoga instructor moms for a special Mother’s Day feature. Below, meet our moms and read how teaching yoga influences us and our children!

Amy Rhodes, mother of one son, Frankie, 25, and one daughter, Hannah, 22

Brynn Cunningham, mother of two boys, Avie, age three, and Grey, age five weeks

Laura Scoville, mother of one boy, Henry, age four

Tara Morris, step-mother of two girls, Bailey, 16, and Allison, 12

 Amy Rhodes with children Frankie and Hannah

Amy Rhodes with children Frankie and Hannah

How does your role as a yoga instructor influence you as a mother? 

AR: Yoga has definitely had an influence on my "trust the process" mindset. I encourage my children to enjoy the journey and breathe! 

BC: How we show up on our mats is how we show up to our children. With gratitude, playfulness, light-heartedness, I show up each day to practice, and that shows them commitment, perseverance and passion. I want them to know how to cultivate intuition in order to work toward a balance of discernment and optimism rather than perfection – asana can teach this. I want them to understand that the universe responds to the energy we project – yoga does this – it brings forth our innate light and joy, which we share, and we all feel good! I want them to be happy little sweethearts, and yoga helps me bring them happiness, through thick and thin.

LS: It helps me practice patience and to stop and listen to what Henry has to say.

TM: Compassion, truth and accountability.  I try to teach my step-children to be kind to all people and have compassion even when they don't fully understand a person's story. I talk about the body as a foundation of health. If we aren't in control of our own health, we suffer and our loved ones suffer as well.

 Tara Morris and her step daughters Bailey & ALlison

Tara Morris and her step daughters Bailey & ALlison

How do your children view your profession as a yoga instructor?

AR: I work a lot – they're very proud and supportive of my many careers, lol!

BC: Avie, 3, thinks that if I leave the house, I am either going to yoga class or going running. He thinks these are the only two things I know how to do outside of the home – lol – maybe he’s right!

 Laura Scoville with her little man Henry

Laura Scoville with her little man Henry

LS: When I am writing out yoga class outlines, Henry, 4, will also write out a yoga class using shapes and animals. He also likes to roll out his mat and practice with me – for about five minutes, lol!

TM: Bailey, 16, has always thought it was “cool” that I teach yoga. She has even taken yoga classes with me. Allison, 12, thinks teaching yoga is a much better gig than working in the hospital as a Respiratory Therapist! They both think yoga clothes are comfortable work attire!


On behalf of the LPS Yogi Moms, we would like to wish fellow moms a wonderful Mother's Day! Join us for our special Mother's Day Gratitude Flow (class passes apply/bring your mom for free!) from 5 to 6 p.m., Sunday, May 14, or treat your mom to a Mother's Day body work/massage package


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