Why Barre is Better in the Studio


Blog Post by Brynn Cunningham

When we added Barre to the LPS studio schedule, I thought, “ I need to try this!” So I found my way to YouTube and typed in “Barre workout.” With little time to spare as my three-year-old began slowly and meticulously perusing the contents of my desk drawers and making small piles of paperclips, safety pins and post-its, and as my two-month-old began stretching and squirming his way out of a nap, I clicked on the first Barre video that popped up.


The workout was 25 minutes, and within the first five I was yelling to my husband, “oh my goodness, my thighs are ON FIRE!!!” I loved it!

As the video proceeded, a thought formed in my head. Actually, it was a list derived from one single thought: I really should do this at the studio. And so transpired this blog. Here I give you five reasons why Barre is better in the studio: 

1.     A spin bike handle (what I used), or chair back, or desk edge, is a poor substitute for a barre!

2.     Distractions don’t exist. As I plied and curtsied, lunged and kicked, my son moved from emptying the desk drawers to playing with his cars and trucks underneath my tiptoed feet. As convenient as home workouts are, sometimes it is best for the whole family if exercise is pursued elsewhere.   

3.     It’s more fun in a group! I SO wanted to laugh and smile and become in synch with the ladies on the screen! I wanted to make friends and share in the joy and newness of the experience. Let’s face it- some things are just more fun, and seemingly easier, in numbers.  

4.     The instructor can teach to the group’s energy barometer and experience level. On a DVD or home video, no such customization, observation or relationship building exists.

5.     Accountability becomes possible. At one point I was gripping the spin bike handle and hunching over – did I mention my thighs were burning?!!! My yoga experience and knowledge of exercise and body mechanics told me this was not proper form. I straightened up on my own, but perhaps a Barre instructor, in real life, or a good friend, would better keep me on point.


After the video ended, I was happy! Happy because it was over, because I was sweating, because I actually enjoyed it, because deep down I always wanted to be a ballerina and Barre partially fulfilled that far-off dream, and because I found another low impact, strengthening discipline in addition to yoga. I wanted more! I did it the following day, and then the next. And I look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Even more, I am eager to try it with friends, with an expert instructor, with nothing to focus on but my plies, curtsies and kicks, in the studio, set to fun music, using an actual barre. With that said, I hope to meet YOU at the barre!  Bring your friends, your inner dancer, your desire to sculpt those thighs and gluteals and a sense of humor as you join Tara Spaw Fronczek at 9 a.m. on Saturdays for Barre Strength & Stretch starting June 10! 

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