Laura Patterson-Santore Talks Hot Power Yoga


We want to welcome our dear studio owner, LPS herself, back to the regular schedule! In honor of her return, we asked her some questions about her experiences and views on Hot Power Yoga, one of the most popular yoga classes offered throughout the United States. The challenging, transforming movement of poses linked by vinyasas combined with the feel-good, relaxing effect that the heat provides makes Hot Power Yoga many a yogis preferred practice. 

Describe your first Hot Power Yoga class experience as a student. 

It was in 2007 at Yoga Flow in Aspinwall, Pa.  I went with a friend and hated it!  I remember struggling both mentally and physically throughout the class and commenting after, "Why do people do this?! I'll never do this again!"  I went back the next day.

Describe your first Hot Power Yoga class experience as an instructor. 

It was terrible.  I was incredibly self-conscious about 'sticking to the routine.'  Just like my first time on mat as a student, I remember thinking I made a terrible mistake by becoming an instructor.  I went back the next day and learned to improvise along with each student in the room. 

Why would you encourage others to do Hot Power Yoga? 

It challenges everything one perceives about themselves - their strength, endurance, flexibility and most importantly, it challenges you each and every time - its never the same, even if the routine or sequence is identical.  Its one of the great life teachers. 

What are your favorite poses from Hot Power Yoga? 

I don't have a single favorite pose.  Instead, I love the build of the class, from slow to flow, to strength and balance, then the sweet depth of the floor poses.  When done properly, its not about the single pose, but the overall experience.

What is the benefit of Hot Power Yoga?

The greatest benefit is off the mat.  It is the physical reward of physical strength, balance, and flexibility as well as the mental endurance that builds from within the discipline. It has enabled me to face life's challenges, no matter how difficult, and come back the next day.

Join LPS every Tuesday: 

4:45-5:45 p.m. Warm Flow & Yin Restore

Strengthening vinyasa flow. Restorative yin poses. Warm up, cool down. All levels. 75 degrees. 60 minutes.

6:30-7 p.m. Hot Power Burn

Energetic. Full-body yoga flow workout. Meditative. Intense. Strengthening. Experienced yogis. 85 Degrees. 30 minutes.

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