The Root Chakra


blog Post by Brynn Cunningham

Chakras are an ancient system of energy that connects the somatic to the subconscious, the physical to the spiritual, the body to the internal workings of the mind and emotions. Chakra is translated as “wheel of light,” and each chakra acts as a doorway to prana, or life force energy. 

Most traditions identify with seven chakras, defined as subtle vortices of energy that correlate with the nerve ganglia along the spinal cord, from the base to the crown, or the sacral to the cervical joints.

Chakras descend from the yoga tradition, dating back thousands of years. From a Western standpoint, they can serve as a lens from which to view situations, experiences, emotions, interactions and the self. They act as a means toward self-improvement, better relationships and improved quality of life.

From the base of the spine begins the Muladhara Chakra, otherwise known as the Root Chakra, followed by the Sacral, Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Today, we will touch upon the Root Chakra.

Characteristics of the Root Chakra:

Main function – grounding, security, survival, taking care of self and others, family, home

Goal – Simplicity and basics, stability, self-preservation, safety

Anatomical Connections – Reproductive system, pelvis, legs, feet and tailbone

Emotional Connections – physical needs, fear

Energies - focusing, centering

Color – red

Element – earth

Food – protein, meat

Planet – Saturn and Earth

Instrument – drums

Mantra - Lam

Affirmation - I am safe, connected and centered

When the Root Chakra is deficient or blocked, one can experience anxiety and fear surrounding work, survival and money. When it is too open, one may become fixated on work and view all situations from the perspective of how it will affect livelihood or expenses. When the Root Chakra is balanced, a feeling of being grounded, secure and physically healthy arises, and the reproductive system and other anatomical structures thrive.

A balanced root chakra means living from a grounded, stable place from which the manifestation of dreams can occur. The focus and centeredness that arises from a vibrant root allows for the realization and actualization of goals and ideas. Spending time in nature, gardening, baking, walking barefoot on the earth and doing such yoga poses as tree, eagle and Tadasana can bring awareness to the root chakra. 

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