A Story About Acupuncture

By Brynn Cunningham

The first question I am asked when telling others about recent acupuncture sessions is this: "Does it hurt?" Sometimes the response is, "I'm terrified of needles!"

I tell them what I'll tell you - acupuncture is meant to make you feel better, great, even! Besides, the needles are thin and not meant to hurt. They are certainly not similar to vaccination needles or those used to draw blood. 


The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) describes it this way: Acupuncture is a technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body—most often by inserting thin needles through the skin. It is one of the practices used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Another common question or inquiry I receive about acupuncture is why one would need it, or what it treats. Keep reading, and I'll tell you!

I've been receiving acupuncture since my early 20s for many reasons - emotional, physical and psychological. I traveled around a lot during those years, so I saw many different practitioners in addition to our very own Alik Minikhanov and guest acupuncturist Melissa Murtha, who will be joining me at LPS at 6 p.m., Friday, Sept. 22 for the Acupuncture & Yin Yoga for the Autumn Equinox event.

Below is a list of personal situations that have been treated by acupuncture with positive, effective results: 

Graduate school-related stress


Bronchitis (on two different occasions) 


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being held at gunpoint - the assaulter stuck a 9mm into my stomach


Muscle tension and tightness from running, white water kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing


Facial scarring and concussion recovery after a downhill jump, over-the-handlebars mountain biking accident


Injury (plantar fasciitis & heel spur) 


Fear of infertility (because I was told I would have difficulty conceiving by three health practitioners throughout my life - it turned out not to be true)


Morning sickness and pregnancy (from the first to third trimesters)


Grief from my father's death and simultaneous postpartum emotional healing (my father died four weeks before my first son was born)


You see, acupuncture is an ancient holistic healing art effective for prevention as well as cure.

Give it a try with Alik or join me and Melissa this Friday for Acupuncture and Yin Yoga for the Autumn Equinox, suitable for those new to acupuncture and yoga as well as advanced and experienced individuals. Register here.



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