Why Full Moon Flow? Plus Full Moon Playlists!


Have you ever wondered why we offer a Full Moon Flow class? At LPS Strength and Meditation, we honor greater, universal seasonal aspects and natural cycles within our practices. At the Full Moon, we bring a yin component even within our flow. Rather than taking the Full and New Moons as complete rest days, which traditional Ashtanga Yoga practitioners do, we instead practice a lower-body and hip-focused Chandra Namaskar with yin yoga intertwined or added to the end of the practice.

We balance our mostly yang sun salutation-based practices with soothing, smooth, circular moon salutations. Effort complements ease. Masculine coexists with feminine. Heat and coolness, light and darkness, movement and stillness - these opposites play together to produce harmonium within our bodies, souls, minds and spirits. 


If you're used to moving in one direction, forward, as we do in sun salutations, or in our future-thinking minds ("what do I need to do next?"), then give Full Moon Flow & Yin a try. We move side-to-side, backward and around, to break up the monotony! It's an excellent practice for everyone, including pregnant women who need fluidity in the pelvic region, athletes who are accustomed to moving linearly, beginner yogis, those with upper body restrictions (there are few if not any chaturangas and planks), and advanced, hard core power yogis.

Expand your practice with our Full Moon Flow & Yin class. Plus enjoy our Full Moon Flow & Yin playlists, now on the new LPS Strength & Meditation Spotify station! Find us by searching username lpsyoga within your Spotify account. 

Brynn's Complete Playlist from her July Full Moon Flow & Yin Class (1 hour and 4 minutes):

Tara's Favorite Songs from her September Full Moon Flow & Yin ClasS (33 minutes):

Join Tara to hear the rest of her songs! 6-7:15 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 6*


Upcoming Full Moon Flow & Yin classes:

6-7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 6 w/ Brynn*

6-7 p.m., Friday, Nov. 3 w/ Brynn*

*regular class passes apply/drop-ins $12

5:30-7 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 2 with Brynn & Tara - a special class co-taught by identical twins on their birthday! $15 pre-registration/$20 drop-in

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