5 Things You Didn't Know About LPS Strength & Meditation


1. When you receive a service in our massage rooms, Himalayan Salt Therapy is working it's magic upon you.

2. Your acupuncturist has been healing people since 1989. 

3. Our 10 yoga, barre and group class instructors have been practicing their disciplines for 139 years and teaching for 51 years.

All of our instructors have practiced their art for, at a minimum, three times longer than the number of years they have been teaching. What does that mean? That we at LPS have respected the journey of being a student before becoming a teacher. Even more, we have all been in deep self-study through our practices and have lived, explored, loved, maybe sometimes hated, our practice for many years before deciding to teach. None of us jumped into guiding others as a newbie (that's a good thing!). We take pride in the fact that we have on-mat and on-floor experience that slowly guided us toward sharing the practice with others.


4. We have a multi-day Yoga Trail Running Retreat planned for 2019!!!

You've seen the July 2018 Retreat. Now, runners, get ready! This one is for YOU! In the meantime, check out what we have in store for our spring Inhale Exhale Run Series.

5. Our five massage therapists and energy workers have 90 total years of experience. Two have practiced internationally, in Russia and Italy, to be exact, and all five have resort experience. 

5.5... The L, the P and the S got a brand new meaning!

We are often asked, "So, what does LPS stand for, anyway?" It is simply the initials of Foundress Laura Patterson-Santore. But, now it means even more! We at Team LPS decided to give the L, P and S a brand new meaning, one that elicits what we want you to feel when entering our downtown sanctuary. 


I know what you're thinking, "just tell me already!" But you'll have to wait until next week to find out! We'll talk soon.

Hugs and Namastes :) 


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