Why Salsa then sangria? tara tells us why!

How did the idea of this event develop? 

During our Dance Mix classes previously held this past fall, I introduced several Salsa and Cha Cha steps. Selina, who was our most frequent Dance Mix class participant, had the brilliant idea of a class dedicated solely to Salsa.  She likened it to our extremely popular Bends & Brews, and Salsa & Sangria was born!  


What is your Salsa dancing background? How many years have you been practicing/teaching it?

I have been teaching ballroom and social dancing for nearly 20 years. I was first exposed to Salsa dancing when I was a dance major in college. I instantly loved the energy of all Latin dances but especially Salsa. 

Why does Sangria pair so perfectly with Salsa dancing? 

Salsa & Sangria are a perfect pair because both are rooted in Caribbean and Latin nations, but their histories and the true founder of each are a bit of a mystery. Many cultures claim to have discovered the famous dance and beverage. As a result, there are many different versions of each. 

One thing is for sure – a beautiful glass of Sangria is the perfect finish to a great Salsa class!  

Why does Salsa dancing appeal to so many? 

First and foremost, Salsa is so much fun!  The great energy of Salsa music lends the class to be upbeat and exciting. 

Also, Salsa is a Latin social dance where the movement feels very natural to most participants, making it a great style of dance for beginners. 


Describe the space where the dancing happens.

Our Salsa class takes place in the beautiful party room at Marilyn’s On Main. It’s a well-lit, open space with a new stunning floor that’s perfect for dancing. 

What type of workout does it provide? 

Salsa dancing is a great low-impact workout that gets your blood pumping without stressing your joints.  It’s great to do with a partner, solo or a group of your friends.  

I hope to see you on the floor! 

With love,

Tara Spaw Fronczek

P.S. Enjoy my playlist below ;)

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