Luminous*Powerful*Spirited: LPS Gets a New Meaning!

A few weeks ago, we announced that we gave the L, the P and the S in our studio name a new meaning, aside from the initials of Laura Patterson-Santore, studio foundress/operator. 

If you attended the March 1 Open House, perhaps you heard the new meaning or noticed it on the chalk boards that were displayed around our beautiful space.

If you did not attend or were too busy chatting or perusing the crowd, here it is! 

We chose these words based on how we want you to feel in our space and after you leave.


"The light in me meets the light in you," is what we mean when we say Namaste in our yoga classes. We want your inner light to grow within each time you treat yourself to any of our services, from massage to group classes to life coaching. We want you to shine from the inside out, to feel light in your heart and on your feet. We want the burdens lifted and the darkness illuminated. 



Strength, stability, balance and focus - these are all powerful characteristics that can develop and flourish when a disciplined yoga, exercise and meditation practice meets a soothing self-care regime of massage, sauna, reflexology and/or acupuncture. Dedication and commitment to self-improvement and physical health creates a powerful, strong energy that, when used positively, can transform you and those around you. 


Oh, what fun we had choosing the 'S.' We at Team LPS possesses great passion for the work we do. We are happy, positive people. Spirited defines our team, and we want to be your cheerleaders! We are your biggest fans in your health and happiness journey. We have your happiness and joy in mind when we plan our classes and special events or treat you for aches and pains. From this jovial place we strive for creating peaceful contentedness for all of our guests.

We hope you like your new studio name! Spread the word, spread the love.


Brynn :) 


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