Get Blissed Out on Your Next Run with Our Yoga-Inspired Playlist

Is it just me, or do pre-made running playlists grate the nerves with their fast tempos, aggressive words and harsh sounds?


It happens all the time - I download a new running playlist created by a world-famous running publication or renowned running resource. I think, "this is it, this is going to be a good one." Scanning the list of songs and not recognizing any of the artists, I become even more eager, so I save it to my Spotify.

Then I drive to one of my many favorite local trailheads, hop out of my Land Cruiser, hit play, toss my phone in my running pack and set off. Within 20 minutes, the playlist disappoints because of the nervous and agitated feelings evoked from the beats blaring from my pack. I shut it off and settle into the tranquility, clarity and positive vibes of the silent run.  

Yet, sometimes we just want to run to music, right? Thus, I thought, what if I make a playlist consisting of yoga-inspired songs, the same ones that carry us through and inspire us in our Vinyasa, Power, Slow Flow, Ashtanga, Yin and specialty yoga classes? 

Here's what I came up with - a 60-minute playlist for the relaxed, happy run. It blissed me out on a four-mile loop trail run on Easter Day. Bonus - I finished before the hour and had some nice tunes for background during a post-run yoga session.




Join me Saturday for our next Inhale Exhale Run series event: 

Yoga Run Yoga

8:30-10 a.m., Saturday, April 7 (must pre-register by 1 p.m., Friday, April 6)

Warm up at the studio with a dynamic yoga sequence, run 30 minutes (at your own pace) around Uniontown and cool down with yoga in the studio. No yoga experience required. Participants must be able to run for 30 complete minutes prior to this event. $25.

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