Vacation: Where We Love to Get Away

Vacation season is upon us, and in the spirit of getting away, unwinding, traveling and visiting beautiful, exotic and far-off (or nearby) lands, Team LPS answers the following question: Where is your favorite place to vacation? 


Alik Minikhanov, Acupuncturist: The ocean, pyramids, Holy  places, space travel! 

 Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand 

Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand 

Brynn Cunningham, Yoga Instructor: Anywhere new that involves camping, outdoors adventure, accents or different languages. My husband and I once spent three months traveling by camper van throughout New Zealand - spectacular. This year we're spending three weeks in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York doing our favorite activities - biking, running and camping!

Doug Rector, Massage Therapist: I lived in Maui for two years.  It was nice.  Hiking and camping in backcountry section of Dolly Sods.  

 Peru - photo by Kari Garber-Hynek

Peru - photo by Kari Garber-Hynek

Kari Garber-Hynek, Aroma Acupoint Therapist: Count me in for anywhere with sun, sand and sea…boats and coconut drinks are an added bonus. (Seriously, let’s go now!)

Wherever in the world we end up, we love to dive into the culture of the region through its food, music and art. Some favorites have been Morocco and Peru.

Laura Patterson, Foundress & Yoga Instructor: I love the ocean - doesn't matter where!

Laura Scoville, Yoga Instructor & Ayurveda Yoga Specialist: Ohiopyle. Our staycation destination :)

Leah Staley, Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor: It depends on the season. The next vacation I have planned is to Las Vegas in June for an advanced sports massage clinic. Afterward, I’ll take a week to explore around the Southwest and check out the rock climbing around there.

 Tara Fronczek and husband, Brian at the beach

Tara Fronczek and husband, Brian at the beach

Dr. Selina Matis, Life Coach & Counselor: A day at the beach. The sand, water and ocean breeze are a great combination.

Tara Fronczek, Chair Yoga & Barrie Instructor: The beach. Any beach. My husband and I recently went to Duck, N.C., to celebrate our 10th anniversary. 

Tara Morris, Barre & Yoga Instructor: The Chattooga River on the borders of Georgia and South Carolina. It's a magical mountain getaway - I lived there for three years and love re-visiting! Also, I love the beach, preferably one that is a quiet, uncrowded place of solitude with cozy accommodations and warm water, like Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It’s beautiful and off the beaten path.

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