2 Favorites by Massage Therapists Leah & Doug


Recently I asked LPS Massage Therapists Leah Staley and Doug Rector about two of their preferences relating to what they do. Here, they give us their answers. 

BC: What is your favorite type of massage to give?

LS: Resistance release, sports massage or deep tissue. Essentially, they’re all different techniques that accomplish the same goal of releasing tension or trigger points in muscles. I really enjoy working through a challenge and feeling the muscle give up and release under the press of my fingers.

DR: Intuitive bodywork that combines massage and subtle energy-balancing techniques.  It varies by the individual, and as a results-oriented practitioner this has helped many clients to effectively make strides toward a happier life and reduced pain.


BC: There are many self-massage tools on the market. Is there one that is your favorite to use?

LS: I’m totally old school - lacrosse ball for life! It's denser than a tennis ball, cheaper than any specific self massage tool and easy to find at Dick’s or similar sports goods stores. 

DR: Sacrowedgy. It is great for lower back pain. I use this during craniosacral and polarity balancing session sometimes.  

Stay tuned for more massage blogs!


Brynn :)