Breakfast: What Team LPS Eats for Optimal Health

Alex Fox, Buti Yoga: For breakfast today I had a Golden Ratio Protein Shake with BCAA's (branched chain amino acids) and plain coffee with almond milk.

Alik Minikhanov, Acupuncture & Qigong: I have been influenced by Asian empirical knowledge – the first part of the rule is that one must only eat after having freeing bowel movements. The second part is to eat a low glycemic index food. 


For accomplishing the first part, one can consume a glass of water or fruit. To achieve the second, a variety of options are available: eat one egg or two, low glycemic toast perhaps with avocado, berries with a scoop of yogurt and coffee or tea. Or just toast. I use good fats, some protein, fiber and no sugar. 

Brynn Cunningham, Yoga & Inhale Exhale Run Series: 

To drink I had hot Dandy Blend and a large glass of warm water. To eat I had a Green Smoothie. The recipe is as follows: 

3 bananas

2 TBSP sunflower seed butter (no sugar or salt)


2 TBSP raw date sugar

1 tsp Spirulina powder

1 tsp Barley grass powder

Room temperature water for blending

Doug Rector, Massage Therapist: A smoothie with half a scoop Amazing Grass green superfood antioxidant, half a scoop of Garden of Life shake and meal replacement, blueberries, strawberries, banana, raw honey, chia seeds, one drop turmeric essential oil, half water and half flaxseed milk. To drink, I have a glass of water and two cups of coffee. 


Kari Garber-Hynek, Aroma Acupoint Therapist: Weekends are for pancakes! Today we had Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes from Clean Simple Eats

Laura Patterson, Foundress & Yoga: I generally eat a light breakfast most mornings (breaking the rule if I have to be out of the house before 6 a.m.). I enjoy two hard boiled eggs, gluten free whole grain toast, avocado and the occasional kefir drink with Ayurvedic herbs - and of course, strong black coffee or green tea with no sugar or cream.

Laura Scoville, Yoga & Ayurveda: I normally skip breakfast. I have a glass of warm water with lemon and a cup of coffee.


Tara Fronczek, Barre & Chair Yoga: This is the best quiche I have ever made and maybe have ever had. But this is a special quiche. My usual crust-less quiche includes four eggs, sautéed onions, mushrooms and garlic, a little milk and cheese, and tons of whatever veggies are in the refrigerator such as spinach, bell peppers and broccoli.  Enjoy the recipe yourself by following the link: Chef John's Quiche Lorraine.


Tara Morris, Yoga & Barre: Today when I woke I had two pints of water and an organic carrot, celery and lemon juice. Later, I had a scramble of farm fresh eggs and sausage, organic spinach, turmeric powder, black pepper and Celtic grey sea salt. On the side I had multigrain toast from with organic ghee (clarified butter) and one cup of organic, fair trade whole bean, freshly ground medium roast coffee with one tbsp of whole coconut milk. 



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