Why Thai? A Client Review of Thai Yoga Massage by Brynn Cunningham


At 39 weeks pregnant, I had my first Thai Yoga Massage with our very own Leann Beatty, LMT.

The reason I opted for Thai? Because I’ve always been curious about this type of body work. After all, I am a yoga instructor, and this massage has “yoga” in its name! Even more, I wanted more than just a typical Swedish prenatal table massage.

So, when I showed up to the studio, I was even more excited when Leann enthusiastically told me that she had never worked on a woman this far in her pregnancy. The newness for both of us (me, the massage, and her, the 39-weeker) added an element of intrigue to the experience.

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When I walked into the massage room, I became immediately relaxed. The music, the pink Himalayan salt lamps, the essential oils, the abundance of soft, cozy props inviting me to rest upon them… ah!!! Adding to the atmosphere was Leann’s passionate energy and joy of working on another mother. As a mother of two herself, I felt beyond comfortable and in safe hands, literally, with Leann.

For the massage I wore loose, cropped yoga pants, “jogger” style, and a sports bra (though a shirt can be worn). Unlike a typical massage where one lies upon a table under a towel with little to no clothing, full attire is worn during Thai.To begin, I sat on a large, thick cushion that lay upon the floor and rested my back on a lovely, soft heap of bolsters and pillows. From there, Leann set her magic in motion.

Throughout the massage, Leann softly instructed me to change positions, which, of course, will differ for a regular, non-prenatal Thai. Lying on the back and belly are, of course, off limits while pregnant. Thus, I rested in various positions with several types of props while seated and side-lying. In other words, Thai can be performed on all body types, regardless of flexibility or other factors, such as very large baby bumps!

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Thai Yoga Massage involves dynamic, gentle stretching and movement with healing, targeted touch that combine to deliver a relaxing, balancing experience for the client. Thai seeks to remove blockages from the energy lines of the body through assisted stretching performed on the client by the therapist. This blockage removal and tension relief gave me a wonderfully free-flowing, fluid-like physical feeling– as if my energy was running as smoothly as ever and my joints and muscles were as flexible and supple as ever. My energy felt neutral  - not too much, and certainly not depleted. Yes, my very pregnant body and soul were indeed happy!

Thai offers many benefits. The flexibility it promotes is ideal for athletes and the deep restoration of connective tissue it provides is excellent for those suffering from chronic pain or injury.

To sum up, I left the studio floating, on cloud nine.  I enjoyed a lovely final nine days of pregnancy and was able to hike for an hour to 90 minutes almost every day – I even enjoyed a run the day before I gave birth!

Perhaps it was the Thai and Leann’s gift of healing that kept those final pregnancy ailments at bay and my energy at a healthy, productive level. Either way, in this third week postpartum, I’m slowly beginning to run again and look forward to having a Thai Massage as a runner. What will it feel like then? What will it do for me as a runner? You see, Thai, like my practice of yoga, is flexible and can fit anyone’s lifestyle, in any season of their life.

So, give Thai a try! Leann and LPS are co-hosting a YOMA: Thai-Storative Workshop this Friday from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Otherwise, book your own Thai Yoga Massage with Leann today! 

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