Wisdom Wednesday: Just Being Happy


Book Review: “Just Being Happy…A Little Book of Happy Thoughts”

Edited by Edwin Osgood Grover; circa 1912

If you know me, I’m a lover of anything vintage, including old books.  When my husband and I bought our house, built in 1898, we discovered an upstairs hallway filled with old books.  Among the ones I salvaged was a tiny little book called “Just Being Happy,” written in 1912, containing quotes and happy thoughts.  The introduction of the book goes a little something like this…

“On the trail of happiness, the most crowded trail in the world is that which is supposed to lead to happiness.  We all travel it.  As the flower seeks the sun, as the bee to the nearest flower, so is as the heart of man pursues happiness….

The poets and seers of all ages have tried to solve the riddle and discover the things that bring happiness to the human heart.  It is not wealth, or health even, though the latter will help.  It is not our work, nor the love of countless friends.  It is not merely saving others.  Millions of people have worn deep the trail of happiness; they have lived, struggled and died seeking this Holy Grail…

Please don’t get discouraged! For the trail is full of sweet surprises.  To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.  So let’s just try being happy as we jog along together, picking every flower possible, for they will not bloom for us again.”

This is a gentle reminder that we are all along this journey together…  And if you’ve found yourself on the yoga trail, I can promise you that you’ll find the Holy Grail!  

To hear more from my little book of happy thoughts, meet me on the yoga trail!  I enjoy every moment of yoga, both in teaching and practicing. It makes me happy to share this journey with you!

-Jenny Dayton, RYT