Brynn Cunningham, RYT 200  &  Laura Patterson-Santore, RYT 200

Brynn Cunningham, RYT 200  &  Laura Patterson-Santore, RYT 200

 Team training session with the Laurel Highlands 2014 Football Team. LPS Yoga. Uniontown, PA. 

Our philosophy

We believe EVERY athlete can benefit from an integrated yoga training program, irrespective of sport or discipline.

Our approach combines full-body strengthening and dynamic flexibility, core stabilization and balance work with breath and mental discipline to train the athlete’s body and mind, helping each individual athlete reach peak performance, optimize recovery and minimize the likelihood of injury.


Training benefits

Promotes recovery & healing

Helps prevent injury

Combats performance anxiety

Decreases adrenal fatigue

Balanced strength & mobility training

Improves mental focus &  discipline

Increases overall strength without weights

Improves coordination & balance

Improves endurance 

Increases lung capacity

Improves efficiency of sleep

Enhances sport specific training


No OMs about it

Our training sessions incorporate the physical and mental benefits of yoga - without chanting or religious philosophy.

Quite simply, we promote a safe, non-judgemental environment for every athlete while encouraging the mental discipline and focus necessary to compete at peak performance


train with lps

Each Yoga for Athletes Training Session is customized to fit the unique goals of teams and individual athletes.  Please contact LPS to set up your free consultation.  What are you waiting for?


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