Bridal & Prom Packages


LPS Strength & Meditation invites you to prepare for your big day in style.  Pamper the bride and her guests.  Indulge like a princess in a spa-party with all of your closest girlfriends befitting the Prom.  Let go of your stress with private yoga and meditation.

We offer custom-tailored packages and luxury experiences featuring the best of LPS!  Create your own luxury with massage, facials, body treatments and of course, private yoga and meditation sessions to ease the stress of the big day!

Afterwards, continue your celebration with us in our lounge.  We offer tasty treats to satisfy every appetite, as well as a complete beverage menu for discerning adults and guests of all ages.

We personally attend to each detail, ensuring a perfectly memorable event.



We provide exquisite attention to detail, catering each event specifically to your needs.  We offer choice yoga and spa services, along with a customized after party, that includes a food and beverage menu, party decor, fresh flowers, party favors, studio rental, and private parking. Please contact us for pricing and reservation information.

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