full moon flow & yin

Chandra namaskar (moon salutations) with longer-held, still yin poses. Circular flow. Slow-paced. Meditation. Excellent for beginners to advanced and prenatal. All levels. 75 minutes.

Gentle Flow

Relaxing vinyasa flow. Gentle stretches. Calm challenge. All levels. Warm. 60 minutes.

meditation for stress relief

Mindful. Still. Quiet. Deep breathing. Let go. All levels.  30 minutes.  

new moon flow & yin

Slow flow to unwind the body and mind. Yin yoga to release deep tension in the hips and legs. Meditation. Intention. Breathwork. All levels. 60 / 75 minutes.

new moon restore & yin

Unwind the body with gentle movement. Surrender to stillness to release deep tension. Meditation. Intention. Breathwork. All levels. 60 / 75 minutes.


Restore & Yin yoga

Long, slow, passive postures access the fascia and connective tissue. Create space in body and breath. All levels. 60 minutes.

slow flow restore

Slower paced vinyasa flow. Restorative poses. Deep breathing. Warm up, cool down. All levels. Warm. 60 minutes.



Self-healing exercise. Simple movement. Calms. All levels - perfect for older bodies and those with injury.  60 minutes.

restore & unwind

Gentle. Deeply relaxing. Healing. Bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets and pillows. All levels. 60 minutes.

Therapeutic Chair yoga

Gentle seated and standing stretching and strengthening.  Breathing exercises.  All levels - including beginners and older bodies. Recommended for individuals experiencing arthritis pain, imbalance, and limited mobility. 45 minutes.

yoga for Pain Relief

Gentle movement. Therapeutic restorative poses. Acupressure.  Deep relaxation. All levels. 60 minutes.


ashtanga yoga

Traditional. Energy locks. One-pointed focus. Cleansing. The original vinyasa yoga method. Warm. Experienced yogis.  90 minutes.

barre bootcamp

Barre interval training meets high energy cardio calorie burn. Low impact strengthening. Lightweights, body weight and resistance training. Total body. Challenging.  60 minutes.


Ballet-inspired movement. Full-range of motion with isometric contractions.  Lightweights, body weight and resistance training. Total body. Deep, mindful stretch. All levels. 60 minutes.


Full body strengthening and conditioning. High intensity interval training bursts in between strengthening sequences. Lightweights, body weight and resistance training. Aerobic. Calorie burning. Challenging. 60 / 75 minutes.

basic barre

A toned down version of our regular barre classes. Alignment and form. Balance. Strength. Stretch. Light cardio. All levels. 60 minutes.

buti yoga

All-in-one workout fusing dynamic power yoga with body sculpting primal movement, and cardio. Buti® classes utilize spiral structure technique® to facilitate the release + toning of the body - physical, emotional and energetic. All levels. 60 minutes.

funky sun salutations

A fun twist to the traditional flow. Spice up your practice. Build strength. Heart pumping. One breath, one movement. Challenging. Warm. 60 / 75 minutes.

kick ass yoga

A powerful flow. Move with intention. Sweat. Burn. Build a strong foundation. Challenging. 60 / 75 minutes.


Strong vinyasa flow. Powerful movement complimented with deep passive stretch. Warm up, cool down. Challenging. Warm. 60 / 75 minutes.

vinyasa flow

Athletic. Strengthening.  Lengthening.  Links movement with mindful breath.   All levels. Warm. 60 minutes.

Yoga barre Fusion

Yoga conditioning. Dynamic strengthening. Full range of motion. Isometric toning. Lightweights, body weight and resistance training. Cardio bursts. Total body. Challenging. 60 / 75 minutes.

yoga hiit

Power yoga. High intensity interval training. Strengthening. Conditioning. Aerobic. Challenging. Warm. 60 / 75 minutes. 


Private Lessons

Custom strength and meditation training are a perfect way to discover your inner warrior.  Sessions are created to fit your unique needs and goals.

Available at the studio or select locations. By appointment. Learn more.


For the true beginner or practiced yogi. Learn basic postures. Focus on alignment and muscular engagement. Learn yoga hows & whys. Conditioning. Calm challenge. Breathwork. All levels. Warm. 60 minutes.

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