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Yoga for Runners Workshop

 The Yoga for Runners Workshop (two hours in length) is open to all levels of runners (beginners to elite) and yoga practitioners (no experience to advanced). The workshop includes a vinyasa-style yoga practice beginning with a dynamic sequence (designed to be performed pre-run as a warm-up) and moves seamlessly into sun salutations that link strength-building exercises and yoga poses targeting muscle groups specific to running. The physical portion of the workshop ends with a relaxing, cooling flow accompanied by longer-held poses aimed at releasing connective tissue and common tight areas in the body due to running. The workshop incorporates myo-fascial release exercises using foam rollers and therapy tools. Guided meditation and breath work (pranayama) designed to enhance running performance is interwoven throughout the practice.  Participants will receive electronic copies of the workshop's running resources via email post-workshop and must bring their own foam roller and yoga mat. The purpose of the workshop is to create a mind/body/spirit connection with running using yoga as a conduit and breathing as the primary guiding element so that running becomes a lifelong, easy, enjoyable, rhythmic practice, with yoga at it's core. Brynn brings real world running and racing experience to the mat and shares how uniting foundational elements of yoga with running can, and has for her, created a spiritual, easeful, rhythmic, sustainable, lifelong enjoyment of running, whether for pleasure or medals.

Bring your own foam roller if you have one. Studio can provide foam rollers if you do not have one.

Visit for more information on Brynn and her running/yoga life.




Earlier Event: March 2
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